About Teams

“Equipes Notre-Dame” or Teams of Our Lady (Teams) is organised into 12 super-regions split across the four zones.

Eurasia (Red)

  • Oceania Super Region (Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines)
  • Transatlantic Super Region (Ireland, Malawi, South Africa, Trinidad, United Kingdom, Ghana and Zambia)
  • Region of India

The Americas (Blue)

  • Brazil Super Region
  • Hispanic America Super Region
  • USA Super Region
  • Region of Canada

EuroAfrica (Green)

  • Italy Super Region
  • Portugal Super Region
  • Spain Super Region
  • Francophone Africa Super Region

Central Europe (Orange)

  • Belgium Super Region
  • France-Luxembourg-Switzerland Super Region
  • Poland Super-region, covering other Eastern European Countries, such as Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine and the Regions of Germany, Mauritius,Lebanon and Syria