Teams (Equipes Notre Dame) for the Trans-atlantic super-region.

About Teams

Teams of Our Lady is an international Catholic movement to enrich marriage spirituality. The aim of the movement is to help Christian couples live out their married spirituality and to discover the full richness of the sacrament of marriage.

Having begun in Paris with 5 couples and their parish priest, Fr Henri Caffarel, in 1938, it is now world-wide with about 14,000 teams in over 92 countries supported by 10,000 priests.

Eurasia (Red)

  • Oceania Super Region (Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines)
  • Transatlantic Super Region (Ireland, Malawi, South Africa, Trinidad, United Kingdom, Ghana and Zambia)
  • Region of India

The Americas (Blue)

  • Brazil Super Region
  • Hispanic America Super Region
  • USA Super Region
  • Region of Canada

EuroAfrica (Green)

  • Italy Super Region
  • Portugal Super Region
  • Spain Super Region
  • Francophone Africa Super Region

Central Europe (Orange)

  • Belgium Super Region
  • France-Luxembourg-Switzerland Super Region
  • Poland Super-region, covering other Eastern European Countries, such as Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine and the Regions of Germany, Mauritius,Lebanon and Syria