Teams (Equipes Notre Dame) for the Trans-atlantic super-region.

Financial contributions

All couples within Teams of Our Lady are asked to support the movement through an annual contribution made usually in May.

The contributions go to fund the written and digital newsletters and materials needed to run the Sectors and Regions. Money is also sent to the Super Region and the wider movement in order to prepare global materials and to finance the administration of the movement. Importantly, money is also allocated to “solidarity” where grants are given to individual couples or poorer regions to assist them in attending Teams events or supporting the movement.

The Teams of Our Lady Charter sets out the responsibilities for each couple and specifically identifies the need “to give annually, by way of subscription the equivalent of one day’s pay.” Each couple is asked to consider donating one day’s income and where applicable, sign a declaration so that Teams can receive tax benefits in addition to the donation. The request for a donation is not a binding commitment to be policed, but without the generosity of members, the movement would fail to function and cease growing. Therefore each couple is asked to consider annually, the level of support it is able to give.

Each region has a treasury couple who administer the funds and regularly publish accounts for all members to see.