Teams (Equipes Notre Dame) for the Trans-atlantic super-region.

Teams Structure


 Step One:

Interested couples are invited to an information meeting to learn about the Teams of Our Lady Movement by an experienced Teams Couple. The purpose of this meeting is to give the interested couple an overview of the Teams Movement, its riches and commitments. This information meeting usually takes 30-45 minutes with time for questions afterward. At the completion of the meeting, the couple is asked to go home and prayerfully consider whether or not they would like to join a Team.

If they would like to try Teams, they will be assigned to a new team where possible with 4-5 couples and, whenever possible, a Priest Spiritual Counsellor. Couples will sometimes be added to an existing team that needs additional couples.

Step Two:

When a new team is formed, a Pilot Couple is assigned to the new team and the piloting process begins with the Pilot Couple entering on this journey with the couples. The structure of the meeting and the Endeavours, set forth by the Charter of the Teams of Our Lady, are presented over 6 months, in the team meeting setting. The Pilot Couple is always present to assist the new team in its formation.  At the end of the piloting term, each couple will be asked to make a formal commitment to continue as team members for one year. Couples can leave at any time during the piloting period if they find Teams is not appropriate for them at this time.

Step Three:

At the end of the initial piloting process, there will be a New Teams Celebration that will complete the entry of the new team into the Movement.

Meeting Format

Each team meets monthly, rotating from one home to another. If a couple cannot accommodate the entire team, they can make other arrangements (possibly a meeting room at church).  The meeting begins with a simple meal and follows a prescribed format, with the meeting lasting about two hours.

A meeting includes the following:

  • A light meal and sharing of news
  • Prayer time: This includes a Scripture reading, meditation on the reading, prayer intentions, a Psalm and a concluding prayer.
  • Deep pooling: This is an opportunity to discuss any pertinent topics that are of concern to a couple or individual.
  • Sharing on the Endeavours: The endeavours are the “heart of the team”- which we learn and practice between meetings.
  • Discussion of Study Topic: We share our thoughts on a chosen study topic.
  • Administrative Matters: Set the schedule for future meetings and share on Team’s news and events.
  • Close with the Magnificat.

Benefits of Joining Teams

There are many benefits to joining Teams.  You will be with like-minded people whose marriages are important to them, as is their relationship with Our Lord.  In a team, you will be amongst friends who will become ever closer and provide mutual support as you journey forward together. You will become part of a global movement of over 13,000 similar Teams who meet each month in the same way.