Teams (Equipes Notre Dame) for the Trans-atlantic super-region.

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 24th December

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas may we also remind you of the Zone Mass which takes place this Sunday on the Feast of the Holy Family. The mass will be broadcast on Facebook at 08:00  from the Visitation church in Greenford but can be viewed later at your convenience.

Link: Join the live-stream via Facebook (and scroll down the page) or Youtube 

12th December 2020

From the International Leading Team: Dear friends of the END International College,
We have prepared some news, prayers and testimonies that we want to share with you, to feel closer at this time when we cannot meet in person. You can find them at

Also this Friday 18th December there is a Zoom Mixed Team meeting for the GB Province but all are welcome. If you wish to get sent an invite on Wednesday please send your email address to

5th December 2020

Today the annual Teams Mass in Ireland was held at Our Lady, Help of Christians Parish, Navan road, Dublin and the celebrant was Archbishop Okolo, Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland and a former Teams’ chaplain in Trinidad & Tobago.


29th November 2020

Sharing Our Love – December 2020 Blog of the Alliance of Catholic Marriage Organisations

When starting a lasting love relationship there is the desire and the determination to be happy by living one for each other. This desire is stronger than any doubt or hesitation. We all have a dream of a covenant relationship, i.e. a way of living together in which the relationship itself is at the centre. A covenant is a promise to be faithful and to love each other no matter what. There is never a question of equity or justice between what is promised and what is expected; in other words, this love is unconditional. The love between the two of you is more important than the agreements you make. You want to invest in your relationship and therefore enrich it. This type of covenant relationship makes love visible, a sign. As Catholics we understand that our relationship also can make Love visible, i.e. Jesus’ love for His people; this is what we call a sacrament.

When you live a covenant relationship, you discover that you are more than just two people who are committed to each other. Your relationship may also be a sign, that your life as a couple can make love visible. How do you do that? Quite simply in the way you talk to one another, the way you listen to one another, the way you live your relationship, in the way you affirm one another, the way you face conflict/arguments and still stay together in your differences. To live a covenant love, we need a community, people who share the same dream and who are prepared to invest in it. As believers on our journey we discover a community around Jesus, which is a real help to live a covenant love, and an enrichment for society.

In this time of isolation, as we prepare for Christmas, it is important to continue to be visible in our Love relationship to our community as its ripples bring hope for the future.

Mark & Sue Stubbings – Advent 2020

Worldwide Marriage Encounter England & Wales Leadership

22nd November 2020

The 1st Virtual mixed Teams’ meeting of the GB Province was held on Friday 20th November and was a huge success. Almost 30 couples took part and were divided into separate meeting rooms of groups of 4-6 couples. The mixed Teams meetings will run every month and anyone is welcome to join, especially if your own Team is not able to meet currently. New couples interested in Teams are also welcome.

If you are interested please ask your Regional couples to be added to the list and you will receive the Zoom invite on Wednesday 16th December.