Teams (Equipes Notre Dame) for the Trans-atlantic super-region.

Super region and GB Literature

The super region and its regions produces literature for a variety of purposes.

A Teams Response to Bereavement  Image of rose

This short document distills some of the wisdom gained from individuals and Teams living through bereavement, and hopefully forms a useful guide for those who have not yet experienced this. To deal with grief sensitively in Teams, it may be useful to consider the process of grief and how to respond and how to support their bereaved members.

Guide to the Teams of Our Lady 2018

A comprehensive  guide to the Movement which will give you an understanding of  the history of Teams and the key objectives of the Movement. It provides an insight into the charism of the Movement and outlines the organisation of both individual Teams and the Movement as a whole. It also contains the founding Charter of the Movement and key documents including the  DECREE OF RECOGNITION AS AN ASSOCIATION OF THE FAITHFUL (1992) and CONFIRMATION OF THE DECREE OF RECOGNITION AND APPROVAL OF THE CANONICAL STATUTES (2002).