Teams (Equipes Notre Dame) for the Trans-atlantic super-region.



 Teams of Our Lady Endeavours

To promote personal and couple spiritual growth Teams of Our Lady asks members to undertake a number of specific endeavours.  The aim of the endeavours is to keep couples focused on growth in mutual love and love of God. The team provides the support and encouragement needed to continue moving forward.

  • Listening to the Word of God (making time to read and reflect on the bible)
  • Daily individual prayer
  • Daily couple and family prayer
  • A monthly Sit Down with your spouse and Christ
  • A Rule of Life: A private, individual commitment to improve an aspect of your life
  • An annual Team retreat

There are some additional responsibilities which we commit to when joining Teams of Our Lady. They are:

  • Pray the Magnificat prayer (Lk 1: 46-56) daily
  • Attend the monthly meetings
  • Prepare for the study topic
  • Make an annual contribution for the growth and sustenance of Teams, equal to one day’s wages.
  • Read the Teams of Our Lady newsletter
  • Complete the annual evaluation and recommitment
  • Show hospitality to fellow Teams members
  • Attend Sector, Regional, National and International events whenever possible
  • Teams couples in leadership positions should make every effort to attend an extra Mass each week